XFit Brands, Inc. Executes Agreement with Brazilian Partner to Sell $2,000,000 in Gross Sales

– Licenses its MMA Brand trademark and intellectual property – Focuses on Mass Market, Specialty and direct channels of distribution

XFit Brands, Inc. Gains Additional $1,000,000 Investment from PIMCO

– Provides Working Capital at a Reduced Interest Rate to Facilitate Organic Expansion of Core and Newly Acquired Businesses – Extends Existing Financing Facility into July 2020 While Also Converting Accrued Interest into Common Stock

Xfit Brands, Inc. Expands its Transformations Training Program in Bay Clubs with NAFC

– NAFC, The National Association for Fitness Certification, secures the launch Transformations at Bay Club, a leading California group of fitness outlets – Bay Club chooses Transformations to expand its small group training across its expanding 85,000 member base