1. Have FUN, Win as a Team
    • Respect your teammates, and never throw your co-workers under the bus. Be a “doer”
      that makes things happen, and do your share of the heavy lifting.
  2. Think and Act like an Owner
    • It’s your business, treat it that way, and only focus on those things that make a
      difference, or better yet, bank.
  3. Choose the Harder Right vs. the Easier Wrong
    • …and never be content with the half-truth when the whole can
  4. Put the Company First
    • Leave egos and previous loyalties at the door.
  5. Think Big
    • It takes as much work to think as it does to dream big. So have the courage to choose to
      be extraordinary.
  6. Cost Leadership = Leadership
    • Costs are one of the few things in our direct circle of control. As owners, every penny
      comes out of our pocket – so we invest our penny as if it were your last.
  7. Execute, Execute, Execute
    • Execute a few simple must do’s and we will be successful. Strategy without execution is
      …well… for corporate-types. As fellow owners, we do what we have to do to be
      successful. We lead from the front-lines.
  8. Result / Performance Oriented. We do what we say we are going to do
    • We live up to our commitments in volume, share, & profit. We deliver each metric
      consistently over time. We seek responsibility & take responsibility for our actions. Once
      we commit – we see it through, and never accept excuses for not accomplishing the
      mission. We ensure clear consequences for not meeting targets.
  9. Fact-based & Insight driven to enable taking more intelligent risks
    • We “expect what we inspect.” We will have clear metrics with continual measurement
      and benchmarking of the “drivers” of our results. By being fact based, we can take more
      intelligent risks to employ speed as a competitive advantage.
  10. Focus on People, Development & Teamwork
    • Ensure the right people are on the bus, ensure they are in the right roles, and ensure they
      are inspired. We have one standard for our associates – world-class. We teach, grow,
      and provide positive reinforcement to our fellow owners. We are “tough” on performance,
      but never “rough” on our fellow owners.